Question: I have just purchased this product from whole foods, and have a question regarding the dosing instructions. I am also a a student of homeopathy, and homeopathic principles typically suggest taking one dose, and wait for the response to play out before taking additional doses. In fact, if the remedy (in this case the Texas tree mix) is indeed homeopathic, only one dose is needed! I have been tested and know that i am allergic to Texas trees. So, I guess my question is how you arrived at your dosing regimen?

Answer: Allergena consists of antigenic dilutions of trees weeds and grasses, regionally zoned to maximize effectiveness.  These sublinqual dilutions are homeopathically prepared, and dosed to build immune response to the selected antigens by the recommended dosing intervals.

Typically, Allergena is not a conventional homeopathic in the sense that you wait for a response after a single dose.  Responses can be immediate, but may take longer, and often fall within the traditional herkesheimer reaction profile in that symptoms can initially become worst. Importantly, Allergena is our top selling product, and has been administered according to the dosage recommendations for over 25 years.