Watery Eyes, itchy nose?

Yup, it’s that time already, and it caught me off guard. Bad part is I have absolutely no excuse. That’s because I get the pollen count delivered to my email every day, so it’s my own fault I haven’t started taking my Allergena yet! I have been noticing that my eyes have been watery and I’ve had a little drainage and some sneezing. You’d think it would click huh? While the pollen count isn’t very high yet, I’ve had several friends with symptoms lately. I turn them on to a bottle of Allergena to try, ’cause it works!  🙂

Keep in mind Allergena is a preventative method, not a reactive one. Take it twice a day for 2 – 4 weeks and you start getting relief. Of course how quickly your body responds to sublingual immunotherapy depends on how healthy your immune system is. You can learn more about immune system health here.

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