I did it again, stopped taking my Allergena allergy drops towards the end of the summer. It always seems like the right thing to do. The city stops publishing the pollen report, fall comes along, with the first frost. All the allergens must be gone right?


It’s so easy to assume this is true. Towards the end of the summer my allergy symptoms were practically non-existent, so I stopped taking my Allergena. About a month or so goes by and all is fine. Then one day while on my daily fresh air walk, I notice a slight runny nose. Crap, am I catching a cold I wonder to myself? No other cold symptoms though, hmmm…  Next day, more of the same, along with some watering eyes. A couple of sneezes sneak in.

Revelation, I’ve got allergies! Get back to taking your Allergena you fool!

It really shouldn’t be so surprising. Here in New Mexico, the stinking junipers seem to pollinate all year, and those are the main culprit for me personally. I’ve also realized over the years that the allergens don’t die, they just lay around waiting for you to stir them up and breath them in. Being a less than enthusiastic house cleaner, I’ve discovered this many times!

Given the low cost of Allergena allergy drops, I think I’ll just take them year round.