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Does Allergena Expire?

Question: Is there a shelf life for Allergena?

Answer: Allergena is a homeopathic allergy remedy and does not carry an expiration date.  All antigens are suspended in alcohol and thus preserved.

Why is Alcohol Used in Allergena?

Question: I find this product very helpful and very effective for me. I’ve tried to recommend it but with the extreme sting and amount of alcohol, so many people are unable to use it. Why do you still use the alcohol base? Is it available without?

Answer: Allergena Zone 6 is suspended in a 25% alcohol base that is a standard of homeopathic products prepared in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. Allergena is our largest selling product across America. This is the first complaint we have encountered about the sting.  Unfortunately at present, Allergena is not available in any other base.

New Allergy Cause Added to Albuquerque Pollen Count

Well, in case you had any doubt about when the allergy season officially starts, I got my first email from the city of Albuquerque today with the east side & west side pollen count. Here’s a look at the data.

East Side
Pollen Type Count Rank
Elm 71 Medium
There are a couple of interesting things about the data. First is how much different the elm count is from one side of town to the other, probably due to more mature landscaping on the east side of town.
Rumex 11 Low
Juniper/Cedar 2 Low
Maple 2 Low
West Side
Elm 43 Medium
Juniper/Cedar 5 Low
Maple 2 Low
The other thing that caught my eye is the inclusion of the pollen for Rumex. I had not heard of that one before, even though I subscribed to this service last year. My first though was to ask myself if Zone 6 Allergena includes this antigen in it’s formulation. A quick check from the Progena web site confirmed that I am protected from this new threat. Thanks Progena for being on top of my allergy remedy!

Is Allergena Available in Phoenix?

Question: I was wondering if you have local retailers in Phoenix that stock the Allergena allergy remedy? I heard about our product from a friend in Prescott who purchased it in a store in Sedona. I would rather not drive 3 hours away or wait for shipping. Thank you for taking the time in reviewing my request.

Answer: We suggest you contact Whole Foods in Phoenix or Tempe (by phone) and request they carry Allergena. Numerous Whole Foods stores stock this product, accepting this one. Or you can purchase directly through this site, select your zone and purchase online. Allergena is shipped within 24 hours from Albuquerque, NM.

Best Way to Take Allergena Allergy Remedy

Question: Recently, I purchased Allergena, Zone 6 for the first time. The instructions say to put 10-15 drops under the tongue. Do you have to leave the drops there for a certain amount of time, or do you swallow them immediately? Thanks for the help.

Answer: The best way to take Allergena is to allow the drops to be absorbed under the tongue for up to 30 seconds.

Should I Take Allergena Year Round If I Live in a Warm Climate?

Question: I am 54 years old & never had allergies. This winter, I had severe allergy symptoms during the “cedar fever” season in San Antonio. Should I take the Allergen Zone 5 Drops year round or just during the season I am having trouble?

Answer: Due to warm weather conditions in Texas, suggest you take Allergena year-round during your first year to build up immune response to cedar.  Then you can try to take it during the Allergy season and determine if that will work.

Why are the Allergena Dose Recommendations Different from Typical Homeopathy?

Question: I have just purchased this product from whole foods, and have a question regarding the dosing instructions. I am also a a student of homeopathy, and homeopathic principles typically suggest taking one dose, and wait for the response to play out before taking additional doses. In fact, if the remedy (in this case the Texas tree mix) is indeed homeopathic, only one dose is needed! I have been tested and know that i am allergic to Texas trees. So, I guess my question is how you arrived at your dosing regimen?

Answer: Allergena consists of antigenic dilutions of trees weeds and grasses, regionally zoned to maximize effectiveness.  These sublinqual dilutions are homeopathically prepared, and dosed to build immune response to the selected antigens by the recommended dosing intervals.

Typically, Allergena is not a conventional homeopathic in the sense that you wait for a response after a single dose.  Responses can be immediate, but may take longer, and often fall within the traditional herkesheimer reaction profile in that symptoms can initially become worst. Importantly, Allergena is our top selling product, and has been administered according to the dosage recommendations for over 25 years.

Does Allergena Provide Allergy Relief Outside of the United States?

Question: eye drops – I am having a hard time finding the proper eye drops for my zone, could you direct me to a secure web site that will have the proper information that I am seeking. Or even a 800 number for contact. Thank you. (from the Virgin Islands)

Answer: The Allergy drops are sublingual, meant to be taken under the tongue. Currently, we only have zones for the 50 states. You may consider reviewing the antigens present in the zone covering Florida, for example, to see if there are similar Grasses, Trees and Weeds that you are allergic to. If so, you might find relief taking that zone.

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Most Common Questions About Allergena:

Question: Why does it work?
Answer: Over 120 extracts of trees, weeds, and grasses present in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah have been homeopathically prepared to desensitize your body's reaction to these particular tree, grass, and weed antigens. Drainage remedies and Echinacea are included for drainage of the antigen residue.
Question: When should I begin taking Allergena? Is it too late to begin during the allergy season?
Answer: Allergena is formulated to improve your immune response. It is never too late to begin taking Allergena.
Question: How long does it take Allergena to "begin working"?
Answer: Some users experience relief during the first two weeks of use, while others experience relief during the first 6 weeks.
Question: How long should I continue to take Allergena?
Answer: For severe and long term allergy suffers, begin two weeks prior to allergy season taking 15 drops under the tongue, three times a daily. Two weeks after the season has ended, reduce intake to 15 drops under the tongue, twice daily.
Question: Are there any side effects to taking Allergena?
Answer: For some extreme suffers, heightened allergic response may immediately ensue following administration of the product. Do not be alarmed at this response. If you should experience a headache after taking Allergena, decrease dose to a tolerable level, then slowly increase over a period of two weeks. There are no additional kn own side effects. Please note that the formula contains alcohol.
Question: What does geographically zoned mean?
Answer: Allergena Trees, Weeds & Grasses are available in 9 different "zones". Each zone refers to a geographical region in the United States that share common allergens. Click Here to Find Your Zone