The City Pollen Count is in My Email

It’s still February for Pete’s sake! The lizards are out, my cat is happy. The folks at the ski areas are hoping another cold spell will roll in and dump some snow, which is very likely, given mother nature’s whimsical ways.

The numbers aren’t very high yet, but I’m a juniper pollen guy 🙁

I can already feel the eyes and drainage happening.

Albuquerque Pollen count

So I pulled out the rest of my Allergena zone 6 sublingual allergy drops from last season, and started getting my immune system toughened up.

When I run out of my allergy drops I’m going to try the new Allergena seasonal allergy tabs. These are just on the market this spring. Progena has combined all the antigens from the various zones of their drops into one handy chewable tablet. A few people tried them at the end of last season and said they worked very well. I’ll let you know how the handle my juniper allergies!