Pet allergies – Is my dog allergic to me?

Pet AllergiesPet allergies are more common in our furry family members than you may realize.

There are primarily two types of pet allergies.  (Luckily, we humans are not one of them.)  The first is food allergies.   The second is environmental allergies.  If your pet is itchy during spring, summer or fall, he’s probably reacting to seasonal, environmental allergens.  If his symptoms continue year-round, it’s more likely a reaction to something more constant in his environment, or to something in his diet.

Keep in mind that if you live in an area that doesn’t have a hard freeze in the winter, environmental allergens can build up and cause year-round issues for your pet.  Seasonal allergies can then develop into year-round allergies.

Unlike humans whose allergy symptoms usually involve the eyes, nose and throat, allergies in dogs and cats more often take the form of skin irritation or inflammation.  Usually it is accompanied by hair loss.  Just keep the vacuum out!

Hot spots can develop, an inflamed, infected spot that erupts when your pet’s natural bacteria overwhelms an area on the skin.

Check those ears.  Pet allergies can cause itchy and inflamed ear canals as part of a generalized allergic response, or they may grow infected with yeast or bacteria.

How can I help my pet?

Foot soaks and wash downs are a great idea.  Foot soaks lessen the amount of pollen, ragweed, molds and other allergens your pet can track throughout the house.  Don’t be afraid to rinse him down, again to remove allergens from his coat and help keep your house pollen free.  (Works the same with your kids) You don’t want to give too many baths.  Every three weeks is the most you want to lather up your cat or dog  to avoid drying out the already sensitive skin.

There are also products on the market to help lessen symptoms and build immunity in your pets.  If you want to get your pets seasonal allergies under control, I suggest you give Allergena for pets a try.  Keep your furry family healthy and be glad pets aren’t allergic to humans!