Well, in case you had any doubt about when the allergy season officially starts, I got my first email from the city of Albuquerque today with the east side & west side pollen count. Here’s a look at the data.

East Side
Pollen Type Count Rank
Elm 71 Medium
There are a couple of interesting things about the data. First is how much different the elm count is from one side of town to the other, probably due to more mature landscaping on the east side of town.
Rumex 11 Low
Juniper/Cedar 2 Low
Maple 2 Low
West Side
Elm 43 Medium
Juniper/Cedar 5 Low
Maple 2 Low
The other thing that caught my eye is the inclusion of the pollen for Rumex. I had not heard of that one before, even though I subscribed to this service last year. My first though was to ask myself if Zone 6 Allergena includes this antigen in it’s formulation. A quick check from the Progena web site confirmed that I am protected from this new threat. Thanks Progena for being on top of my allergy remedy!

Our Friend the Rumex!