It seems I’ll never learn, using Allergena requires discipline!

Every spring I go through the same drill. I procrastinate in starting my use of Allergena allergy drops. I guess most of have this problem with various things in our lives. It doesn’t help that the allergy deal is a once a year sort of thing for most of us. I was doing just fine, then the weather got weird. Hot, cold, hot cold, every one and every thing got confused. The city wasn’t even publishing the daily pollen count yet and wham! I was a sneezey mess overnight.

So I started taking my Allergena, but of course, for anyone who has used it knows, it takes a few weeks to start working. So I had to waste some serious cash on the over the counter crap while my body was getting trained by the Allergena. My son was laughing. He and his girl friend had started a few weeks earlier, they were under control… Kind of embarrassing when your kid gets it right and you mess it up!