Mold – it’s everywhere and it’s dangerous to our health!

Strengthen your immune system to fight mold allergies!

If you have damp places in your home than you have mold. Living organisms that stain and discolor paint, counter tops, tiles, clothes, carpets you name it. Those hundreds of thousands of types of mold will leave your home smelling musty and swampy.

Leaky pipes, overflowing bathtubs and drains, your refrigerator catch pan, condensation from your air conditioning unit, all cause the growth of mold in your home.

Mold spores are tiny particles that move through the air, causing minor to severe health problems.
Mold does not affect everyone and breathing or inhaling mold will affect people differently than contact exposer.

Symptoms of mold allergies:

• Watery eyes
• Stuffed or runny nose
• Rash
• Chronic headaches
• Trouble breathing

Mold can also induce asthma. Molds which produce toxins and poisons can be detrimental for people who are exposed to large amounts. For individuals who have weakened immune systems mold spores can also pose a serious health threat.

How to combat mold!

Keep your house as dry as possible. Install a dehumidifier damp basements. Fix leaky roofs and pipes, those little drips can add up to a big mold problem. Ventilate bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.

Avoid installing carpets in areas of the home that tend to get wet, such as kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms.

Use a diluted bleach solution in washing machines, refrigerator catch pans and other places in the home where water gathers.

If you need your carpets clean try either a company that offers dry carpet cleaning or a professional grade machine which can extract most of the water.

Mold allergies, like any allergies, are no fun and dangerous to our health. Keep your house dry, at least 50% humidity or less and work on building your immune system against harmful mold allergens.