Medical conditions that are attributable to the presence of dust mites include allergic rhinitis, asthma, childhood eczema and other conditions associated with allergies

Dust mites do not carry any pathogens that cause diseases in humans.

It is their fecal matter, body secretions, and THEIR shed skin particles that cause human allergic reactions. Dust mites are capable of producing 10 different antigens that can cause allergic reactions in humans.


They look creepy but they do not pinch or bite us!

Bedbugs & dust mites ARE NOT related

Bedbugs do, but those are completely different creatures

Respiratory & dermatological reactions will be more pronounced in sensitive individuals in homes where populations are more concentrated

For this reason it is helpful to put energy into minimizing populations by keeping your living environment tidy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to remove all dust mites from a home, no matter how clean it’s kept. All homes have a dust mite population. Sorry guys but it’s true! This is because these little guys are very hardy & thrive in conditions our  human bodies can’t help but cause. We are constantly emitting moisture through perspiration & respiration while we sleep. Our naturally moist bodies, combined with our warm enclosed homes & our constant sloughing of skin cells (which is a never-ending all you can eat buffet for a dust mite!) creates a perfect environment for them to thrive & make lots of little dust mite babies.

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Take measures to keep your environment clean & free of dust & debris

This will definitely cut down on the concentration of mite populations thus possibly lessening the severity of allergic responses triggered by their presence. Vacuuming by itself is not a great way to deal with dust mite allergies. Because the particles from the mites themselves are what bothers us, anything that roils them up & throws them into the air is going to cause problems. Vacuuming with Hepa filters, however, is helpful as is having a ventilation system in the house which includes Hepa filters. A few things to remember about mites is that they like moisture & darkness. Mites will be more concentrated in seams & folds in furniture, bedding, & drapes. Because our homes are full of upholstered furniture, drapery, & carpets allergies are more prevalent than they once were.


Bedding is where many allergies get started

Obviously the environment, as we said before, is perfect for mites & because we spend the night smothered in our covers & rolling around with our faces smashed into them we breathe allergens in & out for 8 hours straight. While you can’t avoid sleeping, you can keep your bedding clean by washing frequently &  letting your bedding air out for a bit after you wake up. These things may lessen mite proliferation in the bedding.

Dust mites are microscopic, so you won’t see them but they are there!

And in large numbers. Yuck. Sorry.

Take heart though!

Mattress covers made of impermeable materials especially designed for the purpose of eliminating dust mites from the bed are available to buy.