Allergena Allergy Drops are Made for Pets Too!

allergena for petsAn interesting thing happened a couple of years ago. The folks at Meditrend started noticing local veterinarians were buying Allergena. With curiosity running, they contacted the local vets. Turns out the vets had heard about Allergena allergy drops and how well they were working for humans.  Once they studied the concept behind Allergena, the question came up – “Why not try it for Pets?”

I believe the idea of giving allergy drops to a pet is a great testimonial for the product in general. I mean think about it. With humans, we can easily deceive ourselves into believing most anything. If we try a new form of treatment, we can decide it does or doesn’t work, often times based on bad information or emotions. It’s easy to fool ourselves when it comes to our own health.

Now think about the case of a vet telling you “If you put these drops under your dog or cats tongue twice a day it may help their allergies.” If you take the suggestion and try it, are you going to use the same sideways logic you’d use to talk yourself into or out of something? Not likely! Your going to watch your pet and make a decision as to if it’s worth the bother or not. I mean who wants to be putting drops in their dogs mouth right?

The vets continue to order Allergena. What’s that tell you? Now there’s an Allergena formula just for pets. To get more info or order – CLICK HERE!