Pet Dander Allergies are a Real Bummer! allergena-pet-dander

Pet lovers of the world rejoice. There’s nothing worse than being allergic to your favorite pet. Often times we don’t even realize our best friend is the culprit of our allergies until it’s too late – we’re attached! But what to do if Fido is making our life miserable?

No worries – Meditrend has the solution.  These creative folks have taken the concept of their very popular Allergena allergy drops and the a treatment concept called immunotherapy, and applied it to create a solution for pet dander allergies.  Just a few drops under the tongue twice a day for a week or two and chances are your allergies will be feeling much better.

Allergena pet dander formula contains antigens for most common pets including dogs, cats, and horses. For a complete list antigens, or to order – CLICK HERE!