Don’t let the threat of allergies stop you from traveling. Whether you suffer from mild to severe allergies, being prepared for an allergic reaction, especially when you are traveling could mean the difference between having a wonderful time and ending up in Emergency Care.  Here are some helpful hints to keep you safe and healthy on your vacation or business [...] Read more ›
Tricks to stopping bathroom mold No matter how much you scrub, bleach or spray, stopping mold from growing around the shower, tub or toilet is almost impossible. It just loves to breed in the calk, grout or adhesive around the fixtures. Besides being unsightly it can cause mild to severe illnesses, especially if it goes unchecked and gets behind your [...] Read more ›
Is it allergies or a common cold making you feel miserable? Yes, it’s allergy season. If the sneezing, coughing, congestion and irritated eyes haven’t alerted you than surely all the media hype has. For some, allergy symptoms are just par for the course, but for others, these common complaints might be signaling something different? Let’s talk about the difference between [...] Read more ›

The warmer weather has motivated you to start Spring cleaning. Watch out for any mold that may have emerged during winter storms!! There is something about warm spring days that makes you want to open the windows, shake out the rugs and scrub down the baseboards. And since you are taking the time to make your home spit-spot, it’s important […]

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Which plants do I plant to keep spring allergies from blooming? You can have an allergic reaction to plants in one of three ways. 1. Eating foods like peanut butter or strawberry preserves that are made from plants. 2. Having direct contact from a plant such as poison ivy or thorny nettles. 3. Inhaling pollen and/or mold spores when plants [...] Read more ›
What is Mold? Mold is a type of fungus, but there are many types of fungus that are not molds. The Fungi kingdom is made up of many types of organisms, none of which are capable of producing their own energy. Mold is one of them. There are thousands of different types of Molds. In nature it’s job is to break down [...] Read more ›


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My cat has allergies and I can’t find the kitty Kleenex. Just like people, cat’s immune systems can become overly sensitive to several types of environmental allergens. But while people reach for the medicine cabinet during allergy flare ups, it’s a little harder for those with opposable thumbs to relieve allergy symptoms. Cats have primarily two types of allergies. Environmental [...] Read more ›
The City Pollen Count is in My Email It's still February for Pete's sake! The lizards are out, my cat is happy. The folks at the ski areas are hoping another cold spell will roll in and dump some snow, which is very likely, given mother nature's whimsical ways. The numbers aren't very high yet, but I'm a juniper pollen [...] Read more ›
Staying healthy this Holiday season and how to boost your immune system. Guess what? It’s that time of year again for holiday parties, finger foods, specialty wines, lush desserts AND cold and flu season. Sniffles and coughs are being passed around the office, the lady behind you at the store is sneezing and your child just informed you her throat [...] Read more ›

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