Allergy Drops through Sublingual Immunotherapy

bottle of allergy dropsHere is an idea for you. Instead of trotting down to the drug store for an allergy shot, stay at home and simply put allergy drops under your tongue!

Sublingual Immunotherapy is a fancy term to mean:

“Sublingual” – Drops under the tongue

“Immunotherapy” – Uses the body’s natural abilities to stimulate or restore a healthy immune system response to fight infection and disease, similar to the way allergy shots work.

It used to be that allergy shots were the best available treatments for hay fever, other allergies, and asthma, but they’re literally a pain to get! Not to mention the cost and inconvenience of traveling to get the shots.

A fairly recent review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says allergy drops are fairly effective in reducing asthma symptoms. The evidence was even stronger in studies with children.

The studies concluded drops were effective in reducing stuffy noses and itchy eyes of seasonal allergies, with 9 out of 36 studies showing a greater than 40 percent improvement.

Your immune system defends you against disease. When the immune system detects harmful substances, like allergens, it creates antibodies to destroy or neutralize the invaders.

We like Allergena Allergy Drops. Allergena contains antigens, minute quantities of the pollen pests that cause your allergies. Regular use of Allergena allergy drops can help your immune system build antibodies against these antigens, providing relief from your allergy symptoms.

What about Allergy Drops for Different Allergies?

Allergena comes in 11 different mixes (or zones) plus a special mix just for mold and mites.
Using Allergena every day will help desensitize your body’s response to antigenic substances in the area you live.

And if you buy over the counter allergy remedies, you’ll love the saving as well!

Why Do Allergy Drops Work?

Allergena drops are formulated from 120 extracts of trees, weeds, and grasses present in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah homeopathically prepared to desensitize your body’s reaction to these particular tree, grass, and weed antigens. Drainage remedies and Echinacea are included for drainage of the antigen residue.

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