Allergena Natural Allergy Relief

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  • Allergy Relief for All Seasons!

It just makes good sense when you think about it. Different parts of the country have different plants that make us sneezy and miserable. So why should you take something that is a “one size fits all” approach to allergy remedies? Not to mention the cost of expensive shots or box after box of over the counter products that leave your sinuses feeling like they were left in the desert sun for 3 days!

That’s why Allergena comes in 11 different mixes or zones as we call them, plus a special mix for mold & dust and mites. Every day use of Allergena will help to desensitize the body’s response to antigenic substances in the area where you live. If you’re used to buying lots of over the counter allergy remedies, you’ll love the price of Allergena too!

Over 120 Extracts of Grasses, Trees, and Weeds are Conveniently Combined in One Bottle for All Seasons!

Potency of each antigen is 6x, 12x, and 30x. In addition, drainage remedies (3x) and Echinacea (3x) are included. Geographically zoned for the United States.

Desensitization with Allergen Specific Dilutions –

Desensitization is accomplished by sublingual administration of homeopathic antigens. Not only is desensitization achieved but, in addition, there is the homeopathic principal of “Like Cures Like”, resulting in better control of symptoms.

Drainage of the Antigen Residue –

Hydrastis, Baptisia, Phytolacca, Nasturtium, Trigonella and Commiphora are drainage remedies (3x) added to enhance the homeopathic effect.

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